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Our Story

We don’t just love web design & analytics, it’s how we built our company!

At Perceptiv Digital every person in the team is an expert in their field. This is why we love working together and with our clients. We all, prior to Perceptiv Digital, got up and did web design, did analytics, did SEO, did digital strategy, did client interaction, worked with small to medium businesses but also have corporate experience dealing with Executives, CEO’s. Perceptiv Digital was born because as a team of specialists we want to make your business a success, together.

Our Values

It’s important you know what to expect from us, it’s so important to us too that every employee at Perceptiv Digital is held to the following values:

  1. Choose positivity & happiness
  2. Be upfront & transparent
  3. Have a self-improvement focus
  4. Be humble & put other’s first
  5. Listen first & then listen some more
  6. Best practice coding, development & analytics
  7. Make time to reflect for the sake of the best outcome
  8. Live smart, work smart
  9. Be thankful and show gratitude
  10. Do the right thing

This is what you can expect from us every time we meet, send an email or have a chat. If this is not your experience with Perceptiv Digital, please tell us here.