How Rehoboth Christian College got an amazing website and valuable insights that would increase their visitor engagement


Many private schools find themselves in the same position. It’s so busy in the day to day running of the school that it is difficult to give each area of the school the attention it deserves. Rehoboth found this with their website and digital strategy. The leadership knew how it important it was to have a powerful website that communicate their brand and was able to attract new enrolments but just needed the time and expertise to implement it.


Initial Engagement

We started with a few sessions getting to know the school and who we were working with. This is where we find out all about the company, values, goals, requirements and answer any queries. From this we were able to produce a detailed scope and know that everyone is on the same page.

Analytics Setup

After a thorough understanding of the scope, we set up full website analytics getting insights into exactly how visitors were using their existing website and what was important to them. User polls were set up to determine the number of potential leads as well as answers to key questions. No more guesswork.

The Insights

Next we were able to sit down and get to the facts. How visitors were using their website, what layout did or didn’t work, what content was popular, what enrolment information did visitors think important, how many visitors were there for parent information, employment opportunities, enrolment enquiries. We had a solid basis for the project

The Strategy

A digital strategy was produced outlining the main objectives and a plan to achieve them. From the insights we were able to identify what the main customer segments were, how to measure them and how to engage them better. We took over their PPC and SEO management and mapped out a strategy for growth.

The Website

All previous steps were able to lead to smooth successful launch of the new website. We had identified the previous problem areas of engagement and were able to address them. In the end, the website was able to support what the users needed and looked great.

On-Going Management

Ongoing management of the website continues. We keep a close track on what is happening and help Rehoboth implement on our content strategy. Having all the analytics set up means we can always spot new opportunities to better engage users. Rehoboth commonly rank in the top 3 for google search on relevant keywords like ‘Christian School Perth’ and ‘Christian College Perth’


Everyone loves the new website. It really showcases high quality of the school. It’s great to put the effort in and know that visitors will love the website also, because through analytics we can know that. We can also look at what each segment (parents, students, potential enrolments) are looking at and what is important to them. We can make changes, measure the impact and improve. The combination of a fresh website and in-depth insights through analytics pays off.

We loved working with Rehoboth and enjoy that our ongoing efforts can continue the growth and success of an amazing school.