13 Benefits of Using Facebook Messenger for Ecommerce Marketing

Consumers have changed their views on marketing and don’t respond well to the same strategies they used to just a few years ago. However, most marketers haven’t realised that. They’re still trying to get their leads’ attention with email marketing, sales-oriented PPC ads, and even cold calls.

However, they’re not getting the desired results with these marketing strategies and if you’re using the same strategies to promote your eCommerce business, you may have noticed that they achieve less success than you would like. 

Since the rise of social platforms is inevitably changing the business landscape of today, the time has come to switch to a much cheaper and more effective marketing tool – Facebook Messenger.

The present and future of Facebook Messenger marketing.

Facebook Messenger currently has 1.3 billion users globally, and that number is expected to grow to 2.4 billion users by 2021. This number alone should be enough motivation to get on this messaging platform now, but a very small number of businesses are actually utilising this platform for marketing.

If we look at Facebook Messenger marketing, we can clearly see that businesses aren’t using this messaging app to its full potential. However, this will undoubtedly change in the future, as most marketers realise what a small number of businesses already have – that Facebook Messenger is a marketer’s goldmine.

Facebook Messenger has a lot more to offer to marketers than just a high number of users. In the future, it will undoubtedly change how customers interact and connect with businesses, shop, and make payments, just to name a few examples. To put it simply, the future of Facebook Messaging marketing is bright, to say the least.

Messenger vs. News Feed.

Some people aren’t completely sure about the difference between Facebook Messenger and Facebook’s News Feed. 

The Messenger app, as its name suggests, is used by users to send messages to one another while the News Feed is the page where users see organic content posted by their friends and pages they follow.

Most people who think about social media marketing on Facebook think about the content businesses post on their pages that end up in their followers’ news feeds. However, those who only focus on News Feed marketing need to rethink their strategy and switch to Messenger.

Marketing through Facebook Messenger can lead to 10 to 80 times better engagement than organic posts on Facebook News Feed. This may sound excessive, but actually, the visibility of the organic posts that show up on Facebook’s News Feed is 0-2% and the clickthrough rate is no more than 2%.

Messenger sees much better engagement, 80% open rates and 20% clickthrough rates, which shows that the question of Messenger vs. Newsfeed shouldn’t even be asked.

Better ROA.

A big deciding factor for all marketers when they’re choosing a platform for their ads is how much ROI they can expect. The biggest reason why Facebook Messenger ads have a high ROI is that they’re mobile-friendly ads.

Facebook Messenger is a mobile app and mobile ads are more successful than desktop ads. Some of the factors that contribute to this are desktop ad blocker and the popularity of smartphones, so it’s not surprising at all that 87% of Facebook’s ad revenue comes from mobile traffic.

Showing ads on Facebook Messenger can:

  • Boost visibility with potential customers
  • Help you raise awareness of your brand
  • Give you a great opportunity for personalised communication
  • Drive traffic to your website and help you collect valuable customer data

Mass messaging.

One of the best ways to increase brand awareness and reach out to leads and customers is to send out as many messages as you can. Sending mass messages via chat can get you a higher open rate than sending the same messages via email or advertising through organic social posts.

Facebook Messenger doesn’t only have the option to send mass messages, but it also allows you to chat-blast specific audiences. This is perfect for contacting your target audience without wasting time on people who probably wouldn’t be interested in purchasing your products.

To find the group of people you should chat-blast, collect information from your users and create special definitions based on that information to define a target audience. No matter who the target audience is, everyone can benefit from maidnearme.ca/. Next, you’re going to segment that audience based on their preferences and finally, selectively market to each of those segments.

Personalised experience.

Providing a personalised experience to all of your customers is essential if you’re hoping for your eCommerce store to be successful in the long run. This technique has been used for years and 87% of marketers report a lift in success due to personalisation.

While everyone realises the importance of personalisation, some marketing channels are hard or even impossible to personalise. Luckily, this is not an issue for Facebook Messenger, as all the basic personal information about a customer are publicly displayed on their profile.

Additionally, if you use a chatbot, you can provide your customers with a better and more personalised experience that addresses many important touchpoints.

Social media presence.

A social media presence is very important for businesses because it helps develop strong relationships with customers and engage with them. A chatbot is also good for building a strong social media presence, as it increases user engagement and helps you find new customers.

Brands can make tactical and strategic decisions, and go deep into data analysis when they use chatbots. Bots provide a complete picture of your customers and can find out information such as where they’re located and what kind of device and browser they’re using, which helps with personalisation.

Lead generation and nurturing.

You can’t expect to grow your eCommerce business without good lead generation and nurturing. Luckily, Facebook Messenger is the perfect place to do that.

As we already mentioned, Messenger has over a billion active monthly users, which makes it the perfect place to promote your content and generate traffic. Chatbots are becoming smarter every day and they can now deliver extremely targeted content to that large audience.

With the use of information such as a person’s gender, age, and location, a chatbot can automate the process of predicting a customer’s buying journey. It makes the process of capturing leads more precise, easier, and less time-consuming.

Once that initial process is complete, bots can engage with potential clients. Thanks to the previously-mentioned high response rate of Messenger and the 24/7 availability of chatbots, the chances of acquiring a new lead are very high.

Easier payments.

It’s obvious how chatbots can improve communication with customers. Not only can they lead a customer through the buying process, they can also help them complete payments. You can set up a chatbot on your Facebook Messenger to receive payments.

Chatbots are actually designed to receive payments and process them centrally by the platform operator. All they need to do this is payment data, so your customers can actually purchase items from you without even visiting your store.

Quicker response time.

In this fast-paced world where people expect everything to happen instantaneously, there are few things that will make a potential customer lose interest more than making them wait for a reply. Quick response time, or even better instant replies, are what will keep your customers engaged.

Bots provide instant replies and allow customers to solve issues much faster than a customer service agent. A very helpful thing you can do with your Facebook Messenger chatbot is set up Q&A triggers.

These triggers allow you to configure the chat experience your customers will have based on the common queries and keywords they type. The chatbot can then provide them with detailed answers and explanations for everything they’re interested in.

Seamless feedback and reviews.

Improving customer satisfaction and experience needs to be a priority at all times. Even if you believe you’re doing everything right and your customers are satisfied, keep in mind that you can always improve things. That’s why it’s so important to ask customers for feedback and reviews.

Facebook Messenger bots make it easy to collect customer feedback because they ask the user to rate your company’s product or service after every conversation. This is one of the easiest ways to collect feedback and reviews because customers don’t have to bother with filling out surveys or questionnaires.


Chatbots are undoubtedly very useful and have a lot of capabilities, but they’ll never be able to fully replace a customer service agent. Luckily, chatbots also allow you to scale your customer service.

Chatbots are good for basic queries most customers have, especially when they first contact your business. However, as the conversation progresses, the customer might ask questions that are complicated and the chatbot doesn’t know how to properly respond.

When this happens, a live customer service agent can jump into the Facebook Messenger conversation, address the customer’s issue, and allow the conversation to keep flowing naturally.

No code.

A lot of websites don’t have a chatbot because most of them require a coder to create and set them up. If this is a concern for you, there’s no need to worry. On Facebook Messenger, you can install a chatbot with a coding-free solution that will integrate seamlessly.

You won’t have to go through the processes of hiring and paying for a code developer. Facebook Messenger chatbots can be installed with a simple drag-and-drop function with so much ease that you’ll have a fully functioning chatbot after only a few clicks.

Customising your chatbot and including important keywords and phrases will also be an easy process, and in the end, you will have a very useful tool without putting in too much effort.

Notifies relevant messages.

Users don’t always have to be the one to initiate the conversation on Facebook Messenger, your chatbot can do that as well when necessary. After all, conversation is a two-way street and your customers sometimes need a little push to complete a purchase.

If there is any information a customer needs to know, your chatbot can send them a relevant message or even an alert that is based on the previous conversations and responses from the users. 

For instance, chatbots can send out:

  • Updates about features of a product the customer has shown interest in
  • Maintenance messages
  • Product usage statistics
  • Important updates about your brand

And all of that – automated.

Automation makes running a business easier than it has ever been and it’s clear that it is here to stay. While some companies still refuse to automate some processes, this is a big mistake because automation can help you complete many tasks quickly and without human error.

In the case of Facebook Messenger, automation comes in the form of chatbots. You can be sure that you won’t get the benefits we talked about if you use only customer service agents, since they can’t accomplish the same tasks as chatbots. 

It’s impossible to always have someone read and reply to all of the messages coming to your Facebook Messenger, especially as your business grows and you get more customers.

Aside from being able to reply to messages 24/7, your chatbot won’t get bored with repetitive questions customers send day in and out. Your customer service agents won’t have to deal with the same questions every day, they will jump in occasionally when customers ask more complicated questions.

Finally, your lead generation process will also be automated, and the journey your leads take though the sales funnel before they become Downsizing San Diego customers will be as smooth as possible.


Businesses are always looking for the next big change in the world of marketing. Sadly, many of them are still directing most of their attention to marketing techniques that are slowly dying. 

On the other hand, those businesses that use Facebook Messenger create very successful marketing campaigns and experience substantial growth. With such a large audience, high click-through and open rates, and powerful chatbots, success with Facebook Messenger marketing is practically guaranteed.

If your online store is powered by Neto, you will be happy to find out that we have created a Facebook Messenger bot product for Neto. Contact us today if you want to take advantage of this innovative form of marketing and work with our team of professionals.