5 Tactics to Grow Your Email Marketing Lists

Keeping email marketing lists up to date and valuable to your business can be a tricky task. As contacts change jobs or move on from old email addresses, your email marketing list can diminish in size, become out of date and lose its worth. With email traditionally considered to offer the best ROI of any marketing activity this can hit you exactly where it hurts – in your bottom line.

Read on for five great tactics you can use to grow your email lists and keep this digital marketing activity working hard for your brand.

Tactic 1: Use Social Media to Promote Your Newsletter

You might not think there is much synergy between social media and email marketing but, you can pair the two up to great effect. In fact, social media is a great tool for growing your email subscriber list, if you know how.

Social media doesn’t just fulfil a need in terms of giving you a bigger audience for your latest blog post or a forum for interacting with your brand fans, it can also be a valuable avenue for growing your email marketing lists simply because this is a channel in which people willingly connect and interact with you. You can use this to your advantage by promoting your email newsletter and subscription options to grow your mailing lists too.

Consider making posts on your social media accounts – start with the biggies like Facebook and Twitter – that link your business’s email sign up page. You’ll need to make it clear what the benefits are to successfully grow your email lists in this way so be generous with incentives. People’s time is precious and if they are already used to accessing updates in their Facebook or Instagram feed, you’ll need another reason to take their email. Something simple such as 10% off their next order is usually effective.

Tactic 2: Use the Resources You Already Have

As every business networks, attends events and goes through its daily machinations, it collects rafts of contacts and names and these could form part of your email marketing lists.

Make it a point to regularly assess and audit all the contact details in your possession, from business cards obtained at trade shows and exhibitions to those who have contacted you with queries but never ordered. Reach out and ask these people if it’s ok to stay in touch via occasional emails.

This not only serves to beef up your email marketing with fresh, enthusiastic contacts, but it also keeps your business at the forefront of their minds. Again, it’s important to let these people know what you offer and how your marketing emails will provide value in exchange for their time.

Tactic 3: Use Your Website

There is more than one way to bring fresh blood into your email marketing lists and your website is a valuable resource in this respect.

A website is the very first point of contact many people have with a business, so it’s a safe bet to assume that someone visiting your site has a keen interest in what you have to offer. Adding a sign-up for your email newsletter to your business website is a great way to encourage visitors to connect with your brand. It also helps to build a good quality mailing list by ensuring you are communicating with people engaged with your business and interested in what you have to offer.

A pop up box on entry or exit is one option to consider. You should also have a subscribe box on most website pages to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Tactic 4: Offer a Lead Magnet

It’s a simple fact of life that people like something for free. Building a lead magnet to fuel your email marketing lists is a sure-fire way to increase interaction and show your contacts the type of value you provide in return for their time.

Lead magnets can take many forms, with links to free chapters or full e-books a very popular strategy. But a lead magnet could also take the form of a whitepaper, access to webinars or other special offers. This is one area where you can get creative and tailor your offerings to match both your market position and audience interests.

Ultimately, you’re offering something tangible in return for contact information so it needs to be something that will pique their interest and lead them to see you as a valuable resource. Once you do that, you’ll find your email marketing list growing in numbers and overall engagement.

Tactic 5: Optimise for Mobile

It should be apparent to every business by now that mobile devices are the new dominant force when it comes to using the internet. And that means you need to make it quick and easy for people to join your email list from their smartphone or tablet.

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