A Beginners Guide to Neto E-Commerce Platform

The Internet took the modern world by storm since the day it appeared and completely revolutionized our lives. Now, more and more businesses are taking their products and services and putting them online by starting their own e-commerce stores.

E-commerce platforms have come a long way in the last few years with several viable solutions now available, including a new player on the market called Neto.

Neto is an Australian answer to e-commerce giants like Shopify and WooCommerce (covered further in the text). It’s a retail and wholesale management platform that provides practical solutions to users’ e-commerce, inventory and fulfilment needs.

The creators of Neto started out as online retailers dissatisfied with the way e-commerce was being conducted, so they build a practical and affordable way to do business and they have been doing exactly that since 2009—helping retailers create smart, effective and profitable operations.

Since the brand is relatively new, but quickly gaining popularity, here are a few useful things to get you familiar with the platform and its place in the world of e-commerce.

Popular eCommerce platforms

Popular e-commerce platforms with names like Shopify and WooCommerce have a huge audience and many users worldwide. However, that doesn’t mean they are automatically the best choice for your business. Each has its pros and cons. We’ve explained just a few of these below to help you understand why you might choose Neto over the alternatives.


Shopify allows users to create and customize their online business, sell products and services in multiple places (web, mobile, social media and physical stores) and manage inventory, payments and shipping. But, even though it registers the highest growth among all CMS platforms, some functions of the platform can be unnecessarily complicated.


WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that lets users sell products and services from their WordPress sites.

It allows users to sell all sorts of digital and physical products, manage shipping and stock, sort taxes and take secure payments. However, WooComerce doesn’t come with central support which can later lead to serious problems.


Volusion is one of the pioneers in eCommerce. Created 20 years ago, it still lets you do what you need to do, but not much else. It has some great tools, but quite complicated design features.

There are no niche offerings, no blog options, and website building is quite complicated. But, lovers of data still love Volusion.


Neto is the only Australian retail and wholesale platform that provides eCommerce, POS and Inventory and Fulfilment solutions.

The reason why many opt for Neto is their integrated back-end technology that provides easy and consistent customer experience no matter what channel they use. It keeps all your sales channels on one platform.

It allows businesses to sell in more channels and grow their business through easy marketplace listing and e-commerce business management from one source.

Another great thing about Neto is its shipping features are downright excellent. They allow users to streamline order fulfilment and dispatch processes through their automated shipping, quoting, labelling and multi-carrier shipping systems.

When complex and large orders are in question, customers can log in a Neto site, view their order and modify it up until the point of shipping which is an extremely useful feature.

Neto as a leader in e-commerce – NORA 2018 Awards

All the hard work put into Neto over the years is already paying off, especially as it continues to expant. Neto has already has been honoured with a NORA Awards winner 2018 title for the Best E-Commerce Platform.

“We always innovate through a customer lens and ensure every merchant and retailer on our platform has access to the latest information on how to grow and scale in a constantly changing digital environment just like Castle Keepers House Cleaning of Greenville has. We essentially strive to create a world where retail runs itself,” said Neto CEO, Ryan Murtagh.

One of the best things about this title is that the voting was done by retailers themselves not a panel of judges. Overseen by NORA Awards 2018 Advisory Board, more than 2,500 retailers cast their vote for their favourite supply chains, services, data, security and e-commerce platforms and Neto took the title in its field.

This award is a clear sign that retailers use, enjoy and trust Neto platform, which gives the creators and all their partners a huge push to improve their work and provide a better experience for their users.

How to start with Neto?

Once you’ve decided to try Neto, you can sign up to the free trial. The Neto team will quickly have you up and running so you can explore the backend and get a feel for using the platform.

If you wish to proceed with Neto, it is best to contact a digital agency that can take you through the process flood damage restoration end-to-end. Migrating a website across properly is absolutely critical and can be extremely complex for large websites. Here are a few things you’ll want to consider which a good agency should be able to help you with.

  1. Finalising the website design
  2. Migrating all products from your old site to Neto
  3. Ensuring URLs stay the same or 301 redirects are set up so you don’t lose your Google rankings (and internal links don’t break)
  4. Setting up category hierarchies and product hierarchies
  5. Designing the blog
  6. Designing product pages and migrating the content and images
  7. Setting up the correct shipping costs and configurations
  8. Setting up Neto Ship to help with order fulfilment
  9. Setting up Point of Sale (if applicable)
  10. Integrating with Amazon and eBay (if applicable)
  11. Setting up Google Ads shopping feed (if applicable)
  12. Setting up Facebook catalogues (if applicable)
  13. Setting up Neto warehouses and inventory (if applicable)

Final Thoughts?

If you still aren’t sure, it’s worth considering the impact a solid e-commerce platform can have on your business. Check here www.redtruckfire.com/. E-commerce is a competitive field and businesses need every advantage they can get. Neto’s ease of use and feature packed platform (including advanced shipping features, order filfulment, inventory management and integrations with Amazon and eBay) should be reason enough to give it some serious consideration. While we could continue to talk about all the great features of Neto and why it will only grow from strength to strength, the best way to find out about it is to simply dive in and give it a go with a trial account.

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