Analytics and Digital Marketing Strategy

How to out-learn your competition

One of the most important investments you can make in your website is the ongoing intent to learn what works.  Too many business owners apply a set-and-forget mentality and then hope that business will improve. We’ve learnt that every month that goes by where you are not actively seeking gain better insights is a missed opportunity for growth. Smart business will have a living strategy that they test, refine and continually learn how to make it better. The more you test, the more you learn and each new learning is helping you towards your business goals.

Why Us?

Analytics and strategy is a big topic that requires a broad knowledge base. We are a big believer in focusing on your core competencies. Instead of investing countless hours in trying to get your head around all things digital marketing you could instead be focusing on what you do well, your business. With our expertise, we can guide your business through all the aspects of a learning digital strategy. From defining your objectives, setting up analytics, ongoing reporting, evaluation and validated learnings. We want to see your business grow, so we love working with you and sharing our secrets. We make sure we are transparent in what we do and give you the facts and advice you need to make the right call.

How does it work?

With analytics and strategy, we create comprehensive marketing and measurement model for your business, setup complete website analytics and a reporting framework. Each month we go through key learnings, exactly what you need to know, anything from how well each of your AdWords campaigns are going, we look at all your conversions and goals, what channels are performing best, we do in-depth segmentation of your customers and understand exactly what they are doing on the website. We can even set up reporting for your SEO metrics, competitor performance and help identify the best strategies going forward.

Each of these findings is added to a living strategy document providing a big picture view of your marketing and website performance. Each month we provide insights and recommendations to where adjustments in your strategy are required.

What's Involved

Strategy & Goals

The first step is to understand the businesses goals, objectives and current digital strategy. This includes any marketing channels currently being used, marketing campaigns, how they are measured and what success looks like. We look at the big picture and makes sure all aspects of the digital strategy has been mapped out.

Marketing & Measurement Model

A detailed marketing and measurement model will be developed. This will outline exactly how success via the website will be tracked. This will typically include the business objectives, strategies for achieving those objectives and any KPIs, targets and key market segments to measure. This is the plan for measuring success for all ensure that all conversion all appropriate goals and marketing channels are covered.

Analytics Setup

This step involves properly setting up the analytics tracking to measure all aspects of customer interaction on the website and ensure the marketing and measurement model is implemented. Proper analytics setup is critical as data can’t be captured retrospectively. Overlooking key opportunities here could cost you weeks or months of lost insights down the track. A full setup should consider website analytics, event tracking, enhanced ecommerce (if applicable), heatmaps and user polls.

Reporting & Insights

Setting up comprehensive reporting and ongoing monitoring is critical. To make sure we you can get immediate feedback on what strategies are working we set up a detailed set of reports providing insight into each part of the strategy. We provide insights and commentary into key changes each month to ensure nothing is missed.

Validated Learnings

Each month we reassess the strategy considering the findings. Key findings are documented and recommendations made for input into the living strategy document. Over time you are able to build more and more confidence into the strategies that work best for your business and the ones that don’t. No more set-and-forget and no more uncertainty, we want you to be able to move forward with confidence and see your business grow.

Our Pricing

Pricing for full analytics and strategy starts at $500 per month. Prices will vary depending on the level of analytics and reporting required. Contact us to see how a full analytics setup and ongoing strategy development can benefit your business