Actionable data at your fingertips

Connect everything. Bring focus, agility and confidence to your sales and operations teams. It's for people who take action and get results.

We build custom business dashboards powered by Klipfolio

One place for all your answers

Bring all your data together in one place. Merge data together to unlock valuable insights, see trends at a glance and gain a better understanding of your business results. Capture insights from your KPIs and metrics in a way that makes sense for your business.

Get everyone on the same page

Design completely customized reports and dashboards to tell a story and keep everyone on the same page, or let people self-service with quick and easy data visualization and exploration. You get to choose and you’ll never hit a wall.

Self-service BI for your decision makers

Interactive data visualization for everyone. All your decision makers can have information at their fingertips so they can answer their own questions and make better informed, data-driven decisions.

We connect with 300+ tools you already use and build integrations on request

We build custom Neto dashboards for sales and operations teams. Up to 1 min refresh rate means you are able to make decisions faster.

Simple affordable pricing

$997* per dashboard + $99 p/m (includes Klipfolio usage)

BI Dashboard

One simple price per dashboard per month
$ 99
per month
  • Up to the min Data Refresh
  • 300+ data sources
  • Custom data integrations
  • Branded to your company
  • Access via custom link,
    optionally password protected
  • Cast or display on TV

How do we compare?

Based on data refresh of up to 1min

Klipfolio directly
Perceptiv Digital
$570 USD p/m
$99 AUD p/m
To get up to 1min data refresh and pay monthly, you would have to sign up to a $570 USD per month plan. With us, you get all the perks at $99 per dashboard, per month.