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Digital Marketing

What You Should Consider When Choosing Your E-Commerce Platform

With the rise of digital platforms for shopping, e-commerce has become a legitimate and prominent business for many. E-commerce is pretty much any type of business or commercial transaction that occurs through the intern...

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Digital Marketing

Should You Fire Your Digital Marketing Agency?

While your business may have initially used in-house effort for digital marketing strategies, it may be wise to outsource an agency that specialises in this as your brand grows bigger. A quick Google search can unearth t...

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Which A/B testing Tools Can Elevate Your eCommerce Business?

You might feel like your ecommerce business just isn’t delivering the results you expect. Or, perhaps, you want to try out a new approach but aren’t sure how to quantify success. If this sounds like your conundrum, then ...

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Improve Your Online Orders with These Product Description Copywriting Tips

It’s not always easy to get your business to stand out these days. The internet has made competition for the attention of consumers intense, and sometimes it can feel like you’re buried beneath an avalanche of competitor...

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Are You Making these 5 Online Reputation Management Mistakes?

For any business operating online, there are few things more important than online reputation management. It used to be the case that customers found a business and developed trust through recommendations from those clos...

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Should You Be Using Voice Search to Make More Sales?

Voice search has seen an unstoppable rise in popularity over the last few years, and the upward trend shows no signs of abating any time soon. This makes sense when you think about it. The world is moving towards a more ...

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5 Tactics You Should Be Using to Grow Your Email Marketing Lists

Keeping email marketing lists up to date and valuable to your business can be a tricky task. As contacts change jobs or move on from old email addresses, your email marketing list can diminish in size, become out of date...

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6 Ways to Increase Your Brand’s Facebook Reach

It won’t come as a surprise to any business using Facebook to learn that the platform isn’t delivering the same returns it once did.With recent algorithm updates, reaching upwards of thousands of users for free is nowher...