Rehoboth Christian College

How Rehoboth Christian College got an amazing website and valuable insights that helped increase their visitor engagement


Many private schools find themselves in the same position. Being so busy with the day to day running of the school it’s difficult to give the website the attention it deserves. Rehoboth knew how it important it was to have a website that communicated their brand, attracted new enrolments and gave them valuable insights, but just needed the time and expertise to implement it.


Initial Engagement

Our engagements begin with an initial consultation phase. This is where we discussed company values, goals, requirements and answered any queries. From the engagement we produce a detailed scope of works for review, confirming everyone was on the same page.

Analytics Setup

After a thorough understanding of the scope, we set up full website analytics. This provided detailed insights into how visitors were using the existing website, existing visitor engagement levels and what content was most important. User polls were set up to determine the number of visitors considering enrolment each month.

The Insights

From the analytics we were able to develop a website plan based on facts. We understood how visitors used their website, what layout did or didn’t work, what content was popular, what enrolment information was most important and what parent information needed to be easily accessible. This process meant we were able to design the website knowing the end user behaviour instead of making false assumptions.

The Strategy

A digital strategy was produced outlining the main objectives and a plan to achieve them. We were able to identify what the main visitor segments were, how to measure each segment and how to engage them better. A PPC and SEO strategy was also developed for implementation.

The Website

All previous steps were able to lead to smooth, successful launch of the new website. We had identified the previous problem areas of user engagement and were able to address them. The website aligned with Rehoboth’s goals and objectives, helped maximise enrolment enquiries and looked great.

On-Going Management

Ongoing management of the website continues. We closely monitor traffic, user engagement and segment performance. Having detailed analytics means we can continually identify new opportunities to better engage users and are quick to respond if behaviour or traffic changes. Rehoboth now ranks in the top 3 for targeted search terms such as ‘Christian School Perth’ and ‘Christian College Perth’


The website is achieving its purpose of communicating the Rehoboth brand, informing existing parents and maximising enrolment enquiries.

Web analytics allows Rehoboth to measure the engagement and growth of each segment over time (parents, students, potential enrolments). Rehoboth can make changes to their marketing activities, measure the impact and improve. The combination of a fresh website and in-depth insights through analytics pays off.

We loved working with Rehoboth and enjoy that our ongoing efforts can continue the growth and success of an amazing school.

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