Revolution Industrial


When Zac from Revolution Industrial first approached us, we instantly knew that we were a good fit. They are a high-quality industrial supplier who work with worldwide leading brands. With that being said, the on-site customer engagement was extremely important to them and they needed a new refreshed search implementation on their website that was engaging, easy to use and delivers conversions from the first keystroke.


Every project that we commence, we start with full gear. Firstly, we prepared an analytics audit and comprehensive report outlining what areas of their website needed work, all backed by data. We found that user shopping behavior identified engagement as a critical issue on the website. These drop-offs are particularly high when considering the target user is less likely to be on this niche website for purely browsing purposes. We suggested a far better Algolia Custom Search tool that can be implemented via Algolia, which is proven to significantly increase customer engagement and ultimately lead to higher conversions.

Their analytics wasn’t set up correctly and that they were missing opportunities by not correctly tracking their e-commerce cart abandonment. We also set up heat maps for engagement and conducted user polling to identify reasons for cart abandonment.


Our findings showed a huge opportunity in addressing abandoned carts. Our polling was able to identify the main reason for cart abandonment and help us put together a strategy to tackle it.  We were also able to identify other marketing opportunities that worked best for their industry based on a competitive analysis. We now provide ongoing analytics and insights as well as conversion optimisation for their website.

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