Smart Talk Pathology


Smart Talk Speech Pathology was expanding to two additional locations and sort the help of an agency to get them up the google search rankings. They were already paying staff at these locations and needed to fill bookings fast.


When someone comes to us requesting SEO, we always look broader and see if there are any other growth constraints. With Smart Talk’s permission, we did a full setup of google analytics with event tracking, engagement analytics and SEO analytics (we are proud of the results and want to showcase them). Straight away, we noticed a big problem with their website engagement levels and their conversion rates. They knew their existing website wasn’t that great, but the numbers  and engagement stats made it clear that this was a big issue and was most likely a bottle neck to their growth. We also put in place an SEO strategy that matched their needs, mainly the bookings for the 2 additional clinics.


We went ahead with the SEO and started getting great results really soon, they are currently on the first page of google for all their major search terms and are the top clinic for terms like ‘Child Speech Pathology’ and ‘Speech Pathology Perth’. Even better, we fixed their onsite issues quickly, and later they went ahead with a website redesign. In just a few days we saw their engagement levels skyrocket. The average visitor time on site doubled and the number of page views went up over 40%. This meant better engagement, more conversions and more bookings. They are ecstatic with the results. We were able to see the real problems and help guide them through solutions that made a big difference in their bookings. Smart Talk have gone from having bookings that come through google being a rarity to it now being their major contributor.

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