Google Ads

Looks like you are starting your Google Ads journey with us! This is a key step in the process of preparing for success with your account and it will allow us to tailor the right strategy for your business. The whole questionnaire will take you 20-25 minutes to fill out and we'll get a notification as soon as you do. 

  • We define 'priority' as best selling products or categories, or products or categories coming into season.
  • your brand is already known and is in demand; the brand is yet to become known but already has buyers; the brand is completely new.
  • e.g. new website being developed, approval from others, etc.
  • If there aren't any marketing landing pages, you can simply state "categories and individual products"
  • Assuming you are an online store. Otherwise skip this question.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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