Improve Your Online Orders with These Product Description Copywriting Tips

It’s not always easy to get your business to stand out these days. The internet has made competition for the attention of consumers intense, and sometimes it can feel like you’re buried beneath an avalanche of competitors.

It used to be the case that businesses only had to worry about the few local stores operating in the same market, but today competition can come from thousands of miles away. The fact remains, however, that your business needs to differentiate itself from the competition somehow – and quality product descriptions help you do just that.

There’s an art to creating engaging product copy that sells, and that’s what we’re going to run through in this article.

Keep it On Point

It’s tempting for many businesses to try and stuff in every detail about a product into the description, hoping that some part of the text will appeal to a potential customer. Take note – this isn’t the right way to go about writing good product descriptions.

The modern consumer has little time and even less patience when browsing your goods, so it’s vital to make sure every single word you use is necessary and communicating something important. And, at the same time, keep your product descriptions short and punchy.

This might seem like a hard task, but all you have to do is always keep in mind the essential information points about a given product. Start by setting out just what you think will motivate people to buy the product – features, size, etc. – and use that as the base for your description. Once you know these points, what you need to do is fold this vital information into something appealing and engaging.

Have a Voice

Speaking of engaging and appealing, it’s also vital to imbue all of your product descriptions with the unique voice of your brand.

Online shoppers see the same style of standard, rote copy every single day so if you want to appeal to potential customers, you need to be unique. Now, this doesn’t mean going too far off the beaten track and into idiosyncratic copy. Rather, it’s about bringing the personality of your brand to the fore. There’s nothing wrong with bringing a light-hearted, humorous tone to your product descriptions, but its key to ensuring this rings true with your image.

Without this guiding voice and style – consider putting together a style guide for in-house and hired copywriters – your product descriptions will vary wildly in tone.

Keep Customers in Mind

If you’ve been in business for a while, you probably have a good, firm idea of who your customers are. If you don’t know things like age, hobbies, geographic location, career and so forth, you need to find this data and use it as part of your product description approach. Otherwise, you won’t know who your audience really is, and you won’t know the best ways to target them.

When you know your customer persona, you can use this fictional, idealised customer as the audience for your product descriptions. You’ll know who this average customer is, what they want, how they shop and so forth, so now the task at hand is writing the ideal product descriptions to appeal directly to these personas.

The result is effective marketing that leads to increased sales and improved engagement, and you’ll have the added benefit of eliminating ineffective product descriptions that were hindering the business.

Write for the Impatient

We all browse and shop on the web, so everyone knows that the modern internet user is prone to extreme impatience. And this is why it’s imperative to keep visitors who might just skim your site engaged with quick, visually impactful product descriptions that communicate benefits in easy to digest points.

The ideal product description should impart all the vital, engaging points in brief, quick snippets. In this case, bullet points are ideal – aim for about three, never more than five – to explain the significant benefits of your products. You can also draw attention by making product benefits bold, which the reader may not even realise is impacting their decision.

The key is to make it easy for the reader to find and know all of the key features and benefits of a product in a matter of seconds. And this is doable when product descriptions follow simple rules like those outlined above. Do it right and even the most impatient online shopper will show interest in what your business has to offer.

Not a natural wordsmith? If you’re struggling to craft effective product descriptions, get in touch with us to see how we can help.