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Deliver better email experiences pre and post purchase with our Klaviyo integration for Neto eCommerce.

Start sending emails that make you money

According to a study by Gartner, businesses that focus on segmentation and personalisation outsell their competitors by 20%.

Start tracking what customers do on your website and deliver targeted email campaigns that add value & increase conversions.

Now that you’re tracking what your customers are looking at and purchasing, it’s time to map our amazing user experiences that work on autopilot.

Like anything in marketing, those wo learn the fastest win. Test different campaigns and flows to find what works best.

People aren’t loyal to brands, they are loyal to great user experiences. Focus on delivering awesome user experiences via email for ultimate loyalty.

Klaviyo helps Neto stores drive more sales with super-targeted, highly relevant email.



Tight integration with Neto

As a premium Neto partner, we understand all aspects of Neto coding logic which means our integration is efficient, specific and optimised.

This deep level of Klaviyo integration helps Neto stores drive more sales with super-targeted, highly relevant email, Facebook and Instagram marketing. 


What can you track?

– Product and page views
– Add to cart
– Remove from cart
– Started Checkout
– Ordered a product
– Placed an order

We can also send any amount of custom product data to Klaviyo for unlimited email marketing segementation opportunities!


Here is what the process looks like

Step 1
We'll ask you to submit a Neto partner access request form and also give us access to your existing Klaviyo account.
Step 2
Our team will deploy & test all the necessary tracking code so that data starts to flow into Klaviyo.
Step 3
Our team will set up our custom API app to deliver fresh sales data to Klaviyo in JSON format and then set up web feeds for most popular and trending products.
Step 4
Our team will conduct a handover session with you and also be available for any support if needed.
Optional Step 5
We will discuss any ongoing email marketing services if that's something you are interested in.

Optional Extras

We cover the full suite of email marketing needs, from one off activities to ongoing email marketing and optimisation. Talk to our team today abour your requirement.

Our team can migrate your existing subscribers and customers from platforms such as MailChimp and Neto itself.

Would you like us to set up your email flows? For example cart abandonment, pre or post purchase emails, review requests and many others.

We can create great looking email templates that either match your current emails or come up with something new.

Whether it's popups or subscribe forms on your website, we can set both up so they link with your Klaviyo account.

Ensuring all aspects of your customer journey are covered by carefully crafted email flows enabling excellent user experiences and ensuring optimal revenue. Our email marketing services include campaign builds and ongoing conversion optimisation.

Perceptiv offers excellent capabilities, creative strategies and marketing ideas and really connect with what you are trying to do… Not many agencies offer this experience. They have built a robust advertising campaign that has increased our average website turnover by 200%!!

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Simple affordable pricing

No hidden costs, just one setup fee.

Klaviyo + Neto

Complete tracking integration
$ 249 one time (GST included)
  • Track product and page views; add to cart; remove from cart; started checkout; ordered a product; placed an order
Given this a one off payment, there is no ongoing support for this integration. Once it is deployed and tested
No. You only pay a one off fee for the integration. Once the tracking is setup and is tested, it's all yours.
Our team has developed an API app which send Klaviyo fresh new sales data from your store in JSON format based on a 30 or 60 day window. The sync happens daily. We will continue to operate this app at no ongoing charge. As a result we do not offer free support.
The tracking is done based on the very latest Klaviyo and Neto code standards. In case where one or both change and we need to change the integration, we will contact you to deploy a new version. This would be a flat cost of $99 for the latest version of the tracking code deployed on your website. For any custom work or enhancements please contact our team to discuss.

Start growing with Perceptiv today!

Peace of mind & great results

We're not your traditional web or marketing agency, we take the time to assess your business and your specific avenues of growth, your business is not a template. If you want to deal with ONE agency who can handle any growth challenge, contact us.

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