Manchester Collection


Manchester Collection had been using an agency for their SEO for some time, but with limited results. An audit of the website revealed that their current strategy needed to be updated as there were several on-site issues as well as a need to produce content that would build their overall authority over time.

Initial Audit

An initial audit was conducted of the Manchester Collection website so we could identify the most critical SEO issues that needed addressing immediately. In this audit we identified the strengths and weaknesses of the current SEO strategy to ensure we could incorporate what is working and avoid what isn’t.

The initial audit showed up significant issues that should be addressed immediately. This is common with most clients and addressing these on-site issues can help bring about an increase in SEO traffic very quickly.


A comprehensive SEO strategy was developed with onsite SEO, keyword optimisation, a content strategy as well as a link-building strategy that would eventually bring in high-quality white hat links. The strategy accounted for the more imminent need to build an initial base of content as well as category descriptions before the link-building and outreach could scale up.


All onsite issues and optimisation were addressed in the first 2 months, with content and link-building following afterward. The growing focus is on generating high-quality posts that will become a valuable marketing asset, a cornerstone to link-building efforts as well as a way to generate website authority and links more organically.


The content base is growing over time and link building/outreach efforts are generating high-quality links. Lack of initial content from before Perceptiv Digital came started meant a hit from Google’s August 2018 update, of which a full recovery is being made. Traffic is growing and the overall website authority has increased significantly

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