Google Sheets Connector for
Neto eCommerce

Enabling Neto merchants to speed up reporting, workflows and processes for sales, operations and marketing teams.

Boost your productivity today

You know that feeling when you just want the data in a certain way but it just doesn’t seem possible? Yep we’ve experienced this too and it’s the reason we built this Google Sheets addon. We use this in our agency every week and now you can too.

If the data is available via the Neto API then we can get it. But there is more, you can filter that data to get exactly what you’re after. 

If you know how to use a  spreadsheet, you know how to use our Neto Connector. Instead of forcing you to use yet another platform, our product literally lives inside Google Sheets.

Enable your sales, operations and marketing teams to make better decisions, faster. Enjoy increased decision making quality and speed.

Smart companies drive revenue by knowing what works and what doesn’t. Tap into your sales and product data faster so you can make revenue shifting decisions. 

Extract, analyse & build anything you like with the power of Neto data inside Google Sheets.



Connected with YOUR store

The addon is connected to YOUR store via API, which means we can report on any data with a click of a button. Report on products, orders, content and more.  If a metric or dimension is available through an API, we’ll do our best to get it for you. We also take care of maintaining the connectors so you don’t have to.

As a certified Gold Neto partner, we understand all aspects of Neto coding logic which means our integration is efficient, specific and optimised.

power of google sheets

Easily pull in your data with the Neto Connector sidebar

It’s time to use your imagination. We have built this tool with two key goals in mind. Firstly, it must be able to pull any and all data from Neto with a click of a button. Secondly you need to be able to filter that data in the way you want. Tick and tick! 

Now you can report on any data in the way you want in a familiar environment. Who doesn’t know and love spreadsheets?! 


increase productivity and revenue

Make better decisions

This addon is built with sales and marketing teams in mind. Here is some of what you can find out with a click of a button:

  • Top 10 performing products [coming soon]
  • Worst 10 performing products [coming soon]
  • Products missing SEO titles
  • Products missing SEO descriptions

We call this recipes and we’re adding new ones each month. Why not request yours or vote for existing recipes below!

sales, marketing and operations

Empower your team

This addon is a game changer, here is why:

Sales teams can easily report on orders and customers to make better decisions along with enhanced ability to speed up product management. Filter and slice your data in any way you like. 

Marketing teams can quickly zero in on top performing products to drive their content and promotion strategies. What’s more, you can equip your SEO partners to drill in on products or content work. 

Operations teams can be empowered by being able to report on orders, statuses and stock in real time, allowing them to make better decisions and increase productivity.


Getting started is easy

Step 1
Grab your license by clicking on the button below. This is easy and instant. The license code you get will be what you need for the addon activation.
Step 2
Create a new Google Sheet and in the navigation, go to Add-ons > Manage Add-ons. Search for 'Neto Connector' and install it.
Step 3
Open the add-ons 'Setup' page and input your store URL, API key and the license code you got at step 1.
Step 4
Deploy the tabs you want to use, you have the option to deploy as many product, order, content and customer tabs/sheets.
Increase Productivity
Set up the data and filters you want to report on or take it a step further and create custom sheets with pivot tables, charts and more to visualise and summarise your report.

Let's make it better (together)

See what’s coming, add your feature requests and vote for ideas!

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Ready to triple your productivity?

Use the addon on as many Google Sheets as you like for the same store.

Neto + Google Sheets

$ 49 p/m (GST included)
  • Easy to use Google Sheets addon
  • Report & filter on anything!
  • Save 1hr per month minimum*
  • All future updates
  • Ongoing ticket support
Early Adopter

Price increasing to $69 p/m in


We have a 14 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. We're confident this will increase your productivity and save your team at least 1hr per month.

You are welcome to choose the annual payment upon checkout and save. Annual licenses are $500 which is a saving of $88 or almost 2 months. 

Yes, anyone who signs up before September 1st will be grandfathered into the $49 p/m price point. The price is going up since we are launching PUSH capabilities, allowing you to extract data from Neto and update data in Neto. There are lots of other recipes and updates planned. $69 p/m will better reflect the value this tool will give your business and will pay for itself many times over.

Absolutely, existing addon customers can email us to anytime. This will open a ticket and our team will look after you. 

This is an official Google Add-on which means we manage one set of code for every user. This allows us to push updates once for everyone, you would simply refresh your Google Sheet and have the latest updates, or simply enjoy them next time you open that Sheet. 

Absolutely, we want this to be an asset to your whole team, even your marketing partner. The license key is bound to your store URL so you can use it in as many Google Sheets as you like. You however won't be able to use the same license with a different store. 

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