Foot Focus contacted Perceptiv Digital after getting a recommendation from one of our existing clients (we get a lot our clients through recommendations). Foot Focus needed a new website that was engaging, easy to use and also wanted more traffic to help fill up a few extra bookings.


We discussed the requirements for the new website and soon came back with a great design. With the implementation done, Foot Focus Podiatry now had a modern website they could be proud of, that was geared to converting visitors into more bookings.

To increase traffic we decided we would best achieve this through SEO. We discussed their lower budget and came up with a plan which would deliver maximum benefit within the client constraints.

Along side organic rankings we also optimised Foot Focus' local business listing. Foot Focus was getting some great reviews (we advise our clients to actively seek these out) so we ensured we were able to capitalise on this. Optimising local SEO means google will place your local listing above other competitors. Combined with great reviews this is a powerful tactic that gets amazing results. We even ensure the local listings are campaign tagged so we can track the exact impact this strategy is having.


Foot Focus love their new website. It's professional, clean and easy to use. For their SEO plan,  in just a few months (on a very low budget) Foot Focus was ranking among the top results on page 1 for major search terms like ‘Podiatry Perth'. The improvement in the Google Local Business listings meant their exposure was maximised and it proved a great source of high quality traffic. The results have been great, it has been a pleasure continuing our work with Foot Focus Podiatry.