Should You Fire Your Digital Marketing Agency?

While your business may have initially used in-house effort for digital marketing strategies, it may be wise to outsource an agency that specialises in this as your brand grows bigger.

A quick Google search can unearth tens upon hundreds of digital marketing agencies but, remember this: quality reigns supreme. Not all digital marketing agencies are built the same, and choosing the wrong one can bring more problems than growth to your business.

Bad digital marketing agencies peddle you with “quick results!” without a credible portfolio, nor an in-depth analysis of your marketing goals. You’re promised all these tall tales of success, and offered metrics like Google Ads or some other fancy SEO tool, without tailoring it to your business’s marketing goals.

How can you spot a bad digital marketing agency?

1.They use confusing jargon meant to mislead you

If you’re a business owner and have a surface-level understanding of SEO, agencies may take advantage of this. They’ll throw in big words and appear “smart” to sell their service.

Backlinks, domains, and On-page: these are just some of the technical terms that they’ll throw around in hopes of impressing you to the point where you won’t ask what they really mean. They’re banking on you thinking “Wow, this agency knows so much!” and just choose them.

A good digital marketing agency will break down terms for you and contextualise them in terms of your goals. They’ll present metrics that show you how these strategies can affect your business, and how they can be reached in a set time frame.

If an agency is feeding you jargon after jargon without any explanation: run away. These may just be smoke and mirrors

2.They have a high churn rate of clients and can’t keep them past 4 months.

With pushy, cookie-cutter pitches that don’t effectively address a business’s goals, digital marketing agencies have a high churn rate, with an average of over 50 percent.

One of the things that you can check to ensure an agency’s reliability and expertise is their client profile. A good, reputable digital marketing agency should have a page dedicated to the businesses they’ve handled, and the reviews from their clients.

Often, bad digital marketing agencies promise results without telling you the nitty-gritty of how you can obtain those results. After 4 months or so, they lose the client because their strategy didn’t work.

3.They offer a packaged, one-size-fits-all program

Here’s one thing you should keep in mind while hunting for your digital marketing agency: your business is unique, and its needs are too.

If an agency quickly offers you a plan without even talking about your business, that’s a red flag. You and the digital marketing agency you’ll hire should have an open, healthy communication regarding your goals.

From there, they should draw up a plan that fits your business model. Too often, agencies will offer you a cookie-cutter program that may seem enticing and effective, but ultimately won’t address your specific goals.

For example, if your business is a local home-cleaning service, then your online strategy should be focused on location optimisation and mobile optimisation, Thus, you may not need to do link building or guest posts, as these do not directly address your target market.

The marketing strategy you’ll get should carefully consider your type of business, location, customer demographic, etc. so that it can specifically tailor to your business.

4.They dazzle you with larger-than-life guarantees that don’t translate to ROIs

ROIs, or Return on Investment, will be your metric to seeing if the marketing plan was effective. There should be a noticeable change some time after the marketing plan was put in place, and they should match the promises your agency initially made.

One common thing SEO marketers like to promise is that your page will be one the coveted first page of search engine results.

Don’t get us wrong: this is possible, but this shouldn’t be promised by any reputable digital marketing agency. If they offer you this dazzling promise, probe them on how they’re planning to achieve that. It’s also important that you check that they don’t resort to black hat tactics, such as link scheming.

How to choose a digital marketing agency that will give you confidence?

Now that we’ve given you on the red flags you should look out for, we’ve put together the signs of a good marketing agency:

1.They have an up-to-date, informational website

They say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we definitely think that a marketing agency’s website can speak volumes.

Since the business is run on a digital platform, site upkeep should be their priority. This is where you can see the range of services the agency offers, their client profile, feedback, and the team that they have.

It’s also impressive if the site is informational, instead of forcing you to pay for something with every click. It shows that they’re open and communicative, and not just out to make profit.

2.Composed of a complete, powerhouse team

While it’s impressive for a small agency to have people as experts for multiple jobs, this can sometimes cause a conflict in the work output quality.

Having one member of the team be the point person for a certain marketing facet will lead to a cohesive outcome. The agency needs to work together to produce a single vision.

A good digital marketing agency is one that hires the top experts of the industry. A good team that fits every puzzle piece together will make sure that your marketing plan is comprehensive, and executed well.

3.They have expertise on the appropriate SEO tools

Here’s the thing about bad digital marketing agencies: they’ll try to sell you on pretty much every SEO tool they have on deck in order to up their price. However, any good marketing agency knows that you don’t need all the tools, just the ones that will cater to your business model.

The marketing plan that they’ll draw up for you should indicate which tools will be necessary to reach your goal. The ones they recommend should be something that they’re well-versed with, and can be considered experts of.

4.The digital marketing agency needs to be attentive and receptive

An agency that cares about you and your business should always have their lines open for all your concerns.

Dependable communication should be a given for all marketing agencies, but there are instances that they become hard to reach after signing a client. Remember that this is your business on the line, and that you have all the right to demand for their response and updates.

While you can’t expect them to be at your beck and call, it won’t be unreasonable to follow-up on updates and reports. Client relationship is important, and they should care about the outcome of the marketing plan.

How can Perceptiv Digital meet your needs?

Perceptiv Digital maintains clients for over 12 months which exceeds the industry norm of 4 months, and the reason why is a no-brainer.

At Perceptiv Digital, we approach the client’s growth from a bird’s eye view, then delve into a specific strategy that is perfect for the business model.

How does that work? Well, Perceptiv Digital handles your marketing from end-to-end. Through this, our powerhouse team can assess your growth from all angles. This also means that you can hold us accountable for the movements in your ROI.

We won’t hold you, the client, ransom for the service you are paying for. This can mean that if your conversions (which is the ultimate end goal) get affected by SEO strategies, we won’t bill you more for changes to your website.

Perceptiv is constantly looking at what works best for you, so that we can invest our efforts into the activities that will make the most impact on your ROI.

With Perceptiv Digital, your marketing plan will be an ongoing process.

Our journey together as partners will be one of finding the perfect fit, and of trial-and-error before we find the one that meets (and exceeds) your expectations.

By entrusting your growth to Perceptiv Digital, you won’t just be getting an SEO service; You’ll be entrusting your business to an agency that cares about it and wants to see it succeed the way you do.

Perceptiv Digital cares about the same things you do.

Revenue growth is the end goal of all businesses, and Perceptiv Digital wants to help you meet that goal.

By stepping into the mindset of us valuing your business the way you do, our client relationship will be different than what you’re used to. We are honest about the results, and we will tell you what does, and doesn’t work.

With Perceptiv Digital, you get a team that goes beyond the call of duty.

For example, if Google Ads just isn’t performing for us the way we want to, we’ll tell you that we should stop investing in it.

Here’s where we’re proud of: We won’t just take it away. We’ll help you with the next steps on what can work. You shouldn’t look at this as a failure, but rather that we’ve just found one more method that doesn’t work, and that we’ve learned.

Failure is us continuing to charge you for services that aren’t working, and keeping it under wraps. This is why most marketing agencies have a churn rate of 4 months. Thankfully, we aren’t cut from the same cloth.

Perceptiv Digital is reputable, attentive, and is one of the best in the industry. We understand that digital marketing agency have a bad rap, but we’re here to change your mind on that. We’re the good kind of different, and we’re well-equipped to show your business why.

Looking for a digital agency that understands your needs and helps you build your business? Drop us a line and we can discuss how we can help you reach your goals.