Algolia Search for Maropost Commerce Cloud

Delight visitors with instant search that increases conversions

"The team at Perceptiv Digital provided a one stop shop for e-commerce. They take time to understand the end goal and provide a consultative approach. They continue to smash kpi's and deliver new and interesting solutions at each turn. I would highly recommend Perceptiv for any business owner looking for the best results from their digital effort."
Rus Shah
Flex Fitness Equipment

Why Algolia Search for
Neto / Maropost Commerce Cloud?


Users find the products they’re looking for faster, increasing sales.

Intuitively Relevant

Prioritize your most popular items right from the dashboard.


Optimize listings in your store with insights into what your users are searching for.

Increase conversions in your store with instant results that start showing up from the very first keystroke

With Algolia's as-you-type search, customers think less about how to search and more about what they find. Perceptiv Digital also ensures there is automatic catalogue sync between Neto / Maropost Commerce Cloud and Algolia search so your search is always up to date.

Algolia Features

Enjoy all the benefits of Algolia on your Neto / Maropost Commerce Cloud store, including automated indexing!


Increase customer satisfaction by serving relevant results. If a user can't find a product, they won't buy it!

Typo Tolerance

Have your search results page, navigation and pagination updated in realtime, after each keystroke.


From a simple dashboard, get valuable information on how your customers are searching and what they're searching for.


Deliver lightning fast results to your customers, anywhere in the world thanks to our distributed search network.

Instant Faceting

Provide as-you-type updated filters and make your search bar a powerful browsing tool.

Catalog Auto-Sync

Benefit from realtime indexing that instantly captures product additions, price changes, etc. No matter server performance.

Flexible Design

We offer 3 different design and layout options, standard, custom and faceted.

Standard Layout
Custom Layout
Custom + Faceted Layout
e.g. - Bike Bug


Algolia setup for Neto / Maropost Commerce Cloud includes a one off set up cost as well as ongoing monthly costs.


$ 699 One Off
  • Custom Layout
  • Automated Sync
  • Setup on Your Store
  • Faceted Search
  • Add Voice Search for $249
  • $69 p/m


$ 1,499 One Off
  • Custom Layout
  • Automated Sync
  • Setup on Your Store
  • Faceted Search
  • Add Voice Search for $249
  • $69 p/m

Custom + Filters

$ 2,499 One Off
  • Custom Layout
  • Automated Sync
  • Setup on Your Store
  • Filterable Search
  • Add Voice Search for $249
  • $69 p/m
Monthly recurring cost is $69 p/m (or you can pay annually at $800).
Usage is paid directly to Algolia. Product data (changes only) is synced every 3hrs.

Not ready to get started yet?


Why are there ongoing costs?

The ongoing cost of $69 p/m to us covers support and the API sync process that runs every 3hrs so that Algolia has the latest product information from your store. You can also opt to pay this annually with a small saving at $800 p/a.

The other ongoing cost, which is paid directly to Algolia, is for your usage, which may vary each month.

What will my monthly ongoing fee be?

This depends on the size of your product range and monthly search volumes on your website. Algolia have two plans, so your monthly total will also depend on which tier you are on. We recommend you use the calculator on their website to estimate your monthly usage costs to them.

How often will the search be updated?

We run the sync process every 3 hours, and we only sync products that have had searches, making the process very efficient. 

How long does deployment take?

This depends on the type of setup you would like. Typically however you can expect your search to be built, tested and deployed in 5-10 working days.

Can i control how my result show?

Yes, we can completely control the look of the results shown as well as the order or priority of the results shown. Additionally, we can set specific synonyms to ensure jargon or misspellings return the intended results.

What can i expect if im interested?

The first thing that will happen is you will receive a call from our team to discuss your search requirements and asses which type of search would be most suitable to your store. We will also ask you questions about how many products you currently have and explain what the end to end process will look like. Our expert Neto / Maropost Commerce Cloud team will build your custom search as per the scope and we’ll make the demo available for review. Once approved, our team will deploy the search on your website in the preferred layout/design. 

Do you offer ongoing support?

Yes, that’s one the great benefits for merchants. As part of the service our team is available for support and any subsequent changes or tweaks needed (billable). 

Who owns your data?

Whilst Perceptiv Digital has access to your data in order to make everything work as intended, you own everything and we will never use your data for any reason. 

How does the voice search work?

As an optional one off cost, we can make your search voice capable! We’ll simply tweak the design of your existing search to accomodate the voice component. Please note that voice search, due to the type of technology that it needs, only currently supports Chrome browsers and Android devices. That means Apple devices using Safari will not be able to utilise voice search at this stage.

Once enabled and set up – customers can click or tap the voice search icon and simply speak what they are after instead of typing.