Instagram Gallery for Maropost (Neto)

Create social proof and give your Maropost / Neto store a fresh look.

For more Instagram tips read our Complete Instagram Guide For Ecommerce Stores.

Turn online shoppers and visitors into Instagram followers and customers.

Choose from multiple preset templates to showcase your Instagram gallery photos on the home page, product page and more. See your pictures stand out and grab shopper attention.

Login using your existing Neto account, add your Instagram account and that’s it.

Create the look you want with our easy to use layout controls, choose a grid or carousel.

You can deploy multiple galleries on your Neto website and they can even look different.

Built on the latest Instagram API and integrated with Neto, your feed is always up to date.

Add your Instagram gallery on the home page, product pages and even on blog posts in minutes with an easy setup.

nice and easy

Login with your Maropost / Neto account

As a premium Neto partner, we’ve made getting your feed set up and deployed as easy as possible. Just login using your existing Maropost / Neto account, customise the feed and deploy it on your website with one line of code. 


Intuitive & beautiful

We’ve given you access to easy layout and design controls. Create beautiful Instagram feeds for your Maropost / Neto website in just a few clicks. 

How do i get the app?

Step 1

Login to your Maropost / Neto control panel. Click on Addons and search for “Instagram” to find the app. Click install. 

Step 2

You will be prompted to login to your store using your control panel credentials. Once in, add your Instagram account and start customising your look/feel.

Step 3

Once you have customised your design, look for the code you’ll need to include in your theme in the bottom left. You can reach out to us or use alternative developers to get this deployed. 

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Instagram + Maropost

Stunning instagram gallery for your store
$ 8
  • New Instagram API
  • Simple setup
  • Supported and Updated

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