Website CARE Plans

Websites are often the lifeblood of any successful business which makes them an investment rather than commodity. At Perceptiv Digital we know how to run finely tuned websites from speed to security and backups, we have you covered. Our in-house team are experts at WordPress and Neto eCommerce platforms, making us the best choice for managing your website. 

What are the key benefits?

You get to enjoy running your business knowing your website is being taken care of. Our in-house team will keep everything running optimally and you will have access to prompt & fast support.

Perceptiv Digital Difference

We’re a growth agency, which means we go way beyond just maintenance. As a result, our plans include tools and knowledge to enable you to grow your business.

Our Monthly Plans

Choose the plan that suits your business and budget. See what’s included below. 



Peace of mind for your business (+ GST)



Businesses looking to grow (+ GST)



Your own virtual growth team (+ GST)


Everything you need to know about our CARE plans.

What web hosting is included?

We have managed servers in Sydney that we trust and rely on for all our ongoing clients and can migrate your website completely FREE. This is optional and by all means, we can use your existing hosting. If your existing hosting is inferior we will recommend migrating to ours, for your benefit. You will have full access to cPanel.

How many SSL certificates can i have?

Assuming your website is hosted with us, you can have as many SSL certificates as you need. They can be provisioned for your domain and sub-domains. All clients will have this provisioned automatically as a result of security and SEO benefits. 

What is your hourly rate?

Most often we work on fixed project scopes and hence don’t charge hourly but rather based on the scope. However in some cases, we may charge hourly if appropriate and our standard rate is $160 per hour (inc. GST). 

How will i be billed?

Once your account is set up in our member portal you will be able to set up automatic credit card or paypal payments. On request, we may offer Bank Deposit options too. Each month you will receive an invoice and a payment receipt upon payment. All billing history will be available any time in your member area. 

Why do i need a CARE plan?

Your website is an investment rather than a commodity, and that means its business critical. Therefore it’s worth ensuring that your investment is working for you. Perceptiv Digital will ensure your website performs at its optimum at all times, is secure and backed up. Depending on the plan chosen you also benefit from tools and expertise to help you grow your business. 

What kind of content updates are included?

We take care of any adhoc content changes on your behalf. You just need to submit a ticket request and our team will handle it within 24 hours. We can add content to a page, create new pages, add a form etc. 

If you need more than what is allowed under the CARE plan we can provide you with a quote or you can simply pay for the additional hours required. 

What happens if my site goes down or is hacked?

This is the very thing our CARE plans aim to prevent. In an event where your website does go down (something no one can 100% prevent), we’ll know about it within 5min due to our uptime monitoring.

If your website is hacked, our team will work quickly to resolve the issues and get your website online again. 

What happens once i sign up?

You will receive several emails from our system notifying you of your plan and your login details. We’ll also ask you to let us know a few things about your website so we can get everything set up correctly the first time. Once this onboarding stage is complete our team will audit your website and set everything up as per your plan. You’ll then hear from us at least once a month, depending on your chosen plan.

What if i have multiple websites?

The CARE plans are designed to be for a single website however we welcome clients with multiple websites and requirements. In that instance we will work with you to create a custom package just for you. Please contact us if this applies to you so we can discuss your needs and provide you with a custom quote. 

How do i get in touch with you?

All support requests should be submitted via our member area. We have ticketed support for several reasons such as to ensure we provide prompt service and that every request is logged and enters a queue. 

For questions, feel free to give us a call during business hours. 

What website platforms do you support?

Our CARE plans are formulated primarily for WordPress websites. However our team specialise in Neto eCommerce as well as Joomla websites. If you would like ongoing support for those platforms, please get in touch with us and we can put together a custom package that suits your needs best. 

Can i cancel anytime?

We believe in the value CARE plans add and in the capability and professionalism of our team, so we would hate to see you leave, however we understand that many factors play in decision making which is why there are no lock in contracts so you can cancel your CARE plan anytime.

How does the Google Analytics setup work?

If this is included on your CARE plan, we will request your existing Google Analytics access so our team can audit, review and improve your existing setup. In case where your website is new or doesn’t have Google Analytics set up, our team will handle the setup and share the account with you so you always have access and ownership. 

What is included in the Google Analytics reports?

Knowing what is and isn’t happening on your website is very important. Our custom reports are sent each month and include key information so you can track your website performance and so you can ask the right questions. Ultimately analytics data should be used to improve your website and your users experience. 

What premium plugins will i have access to?

We have subscriptions to most WordPress plugins, so if this is included in your plan you are welcome to request a plugin and if we have it, we will install and configure it for you as part of your plan. If its a popular plugin, we most likely have a subscription for it. Just contact us via your member portal to find out. 

What are heatmaps and why should i care?

Discover what your users are doing in session recordings, and make faster decisions. As a growth agency, Perceptiv Digital love enabling business owners to make key business decisions. Heatmaps and user recordings are a great way to learn how real customers interact with your website and as a result, provide an unprecedented way of knowing what can be improved, based on facts. 

Have any other questions? Please contact us on (08) 6117 8009 or via email.